PetaSoft Knowledge Base

Managing the project

1. Controlling

1.1. Each project has milestones

1.2. Project manager should control the milestones

1.3. Developers should deliver the results for each milestones

1.4. If the milestones are lost, manager should made something to back development process to the right direction

1.5. Project manager responsible for project and deadlines

2. First tasks

2.1. Project manager should form functionality list from technical specification (in the best case technical specification is functionality list) in Google Spreadsheets. Also, Project Manager should mark priority of the task (1 or 0 – critical or not).

2.2. Developer should form tasks list from functionality list.

2.3. After Developer should estimate time for each task.

2.4. Project Manager updates project charter with more accurate time.

2.5. Project Manager creates new board on Trello, moves tasks to "TODO" and "Backlog" lists (for small projects) or creates lists with scopes (for long term projects).