PetaSoft Knowledge Base

Trello usage

1. Boards

1.1. Each project in PetaSoft should have board on Trello.

1.2. Project can have few boards on Trello for different goals. For instance, "Project1 – frontend", "Project1 – backend", "Project1 – sales".

2. New project

2.1. Create new board

2.2. Create lists "Backlog" (list of all tasks by projects), "TODO" (list of tasks for nearest time, nearest time depends on project), "Doing" (or "Process", which tasks doing now or need to do this week), "QA" (developers move tasks from "Doing" to this column after execution), "Done" (project managers or responsible people move tasks to this column from "QA" after checking the execution). There can be also lists "Scope X" (lists with tasks for some iteration or group of tasks) and "Done X" (for long term projects, list with done tasks for some iteration).

2.3. Move tasks from Google Spreadsheets to Trello.

3. Process

3.1. When Developer want to do some task, he should assign himself to this task (open the card and add himself to a member list; hotkey – Space).

3.2. Next Developer should create checklist and add tasks name there (or add few items in checklist).

3.3. Next Developer should move task from "TODO" list to "Doing".

3.4. After Developer done some task, he should move it to the "Done" (or "Done [XX iteration]").

3.5. Project Manager is responsible for the project and correct understanding the project requirements. Project Manager should check tasks in "QA" and move it to "Done" if task made correctly or return to "Doing" with comments (or without them) in another case.